The end of week 1

Just got back from school and work. What a long day!

This week has been challenging, but worth it.

Everyday I ate 1400 calories (of clean food, nothing processed, so I felt very full), and did 3 days of light cardio and 4 days of heavy lifting. Boy am I tired!

I started off this week feeling very bloated and overwhelmed. I can say I feel a lot better already. I don’t have to suck in my tummy as much and have feel like my jeans are slightly looser which is nice.

Overall this week I have lost 2.2 pounds, which is surprising because eating 1400 calories a day, I should roughly only lose 1 pound a week for healthy consistency.

Here is my first progress picture, my back. (The only muscular part of my body due to swimming 😉

Thanks for the follows, likes, comments and reads to my posts! I appreciate it a lot. You all keep me very motivated to become super-deee-duper–fit and toned.




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